Come celebrate our 70th anniversary with special weekly deals, in-store games and prizes, and a big party at Franklin Motors to wrap up the celebration.

A Lot Can Happen In 70 Years…
Fire up the station wagon and take a trip down memory lane with us, from Chapel Hill Tire’s earliest years to today.

 "Hey, Daddy-O"

The Golden Age of Television brings I Love Lucy into American homes, Elvis Presley ushers in the rock n' roll era, and Chapel Hill Tire opens its first location on West Franklin Street.


 "Can You Dig It?"

The hippy counterculture shakes up American social norms, Bob Dylan heralds the revival of American folk music, and the Research Triangle Foundation's success prompts National Geographic to call North Carolina the "Dixie Dynamo".


 "Keep On Keepin' On"

Microwave ovens, home video game consoles, and email make their debut, Saturday Night Fever heightens the disco craze, and Chapel Hill Tire opens its second shop in University Mall.


 "Like, Totally"

The personal computer makes its way into American homes, the Rubik's Cube craze hits its peak, and Chapel Hill Tire expands into two new locations.


 "As If!"

Today's internet is born with Google, Amazon, and eBay, Kurt Cobain leads Nirvana to grunge music fame, and Marc, Britt, and Neill Pons assume ownership of Chapel Hill Tire.


 "Talk to the Hand"

Mobile phones, text messaging, and social media change the face of communication, Survivor and Big Brother introduce reality TV shows, and Chapel Hill Tire is named "Business of the Year" by the Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce.


 "On Fleek"

Hybrid and electric car technology makes its way onto the roads, Al Pons is inducted into the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Business Hall of Fame, and Chapel Hill Tire is voted "Top Shop in North America" by Tire Review Magazine.


 "Drive Happy"

Chapel Hill Tire now offers service in 10 locations, and we're proudly offering free pickup and delivery, and mobile car wash and detailing services to better serve our communities. Today, CHT has women in roles from manager to technician to service advisor. In response, we modernized our benefits to include paid parental leave as part of our commitment to supporting our employees in both their personal and professional lives.